What We Do

TMC Technology is headquartered in Cork, Ireland. It was founded in 1987 by Tony Moore to provide expert and responsive design support to; leading academic institutes, SME's and multinational corporations, throughout Ireland. Over the years, TMC Technology has built a strong reputation for providing innovative electronic product designs, system control solutions and flexible PCB build or repair services. Solutions developed have solved problems in many industry sectors including:

  •   Biomedical Equipments
  •   Wired and Wireless Sensor controls
  •   Industrial process control & automation
  •   Heating and Ventilation
  •   Logistics & Transportation

Who We Are

The senior design team has extensive industry experience with renowned multinational companies and proven track records in the complete 'concept-to-production' cycle.

Tony Moore, Managing Director

Tony is the founder and managing director of TMC Technology. He is a chartered engineer and has over 40 years experience in the electronics industry. He was a Scientific Officer in the National Standards body, university lecturer, chief engineer with Transtec computer company and product designer with CPT. Tony heads up the Product Design activities of TMC Technology.

Brian Poole, Production Support Manager

Brian, an expert in electronics manufacturing having worked for several major manufactures such as CADO Systems, WPB Electronic Manufacturing and Artesyn. He heads up the Production Support Services unit, providing low-volume manufacturing, PCB repairs and rework of complex PCBs to customers and supports the internal Prototype design & build activities.

James Singleton, Snr Embedded Designer

James, specialises in embedded design for system controller units and design-for-manufacture. His understanding and experience of different applications areas, (production line optimisation, voice recogniton, computer peripherals, readers etc) makes him a versatile engineer.

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